A Two Day Workshop On Creative Media Relations

To create an atmosphere in which participants become familiar with these essentials of communications:

  • How to take a proactive approach with the media
  • How to communicate effectively with the media
  • How to have confidence in front of the media
  • What the media needs from interviews

Learn how to:

  • Structure information for communications
  • Prepare fact sheets
  • Develop proactive media strategies
  • Understand what drives the media
  • Manage your interview
  • Handle misleading questions
  • Anticipate "worst possible" questions
  • Develop bridging phrases
  • Create media alerts and news releases
  • Handle "scrums" and phone interviews
  • Evaluate media relations programs

Participants will be introduced to a creative media relations program and will understand why good media relations are critical and attainable.

This is an intensive, "hands-on," one day seminar custom designed to meet the needs of personnel who do not have a lot of media experience.

Participants spend time giving statements to trained interviewers on real life issues they could be called upon to discuss in print, radio and telephone interviews, and reviewing them with critiques and tips.

This is an intensive seminar where you will develop these skills:

Unit #1--Preparation Strategies

  • The essentials of a communications policy
  • How the media operate
  • The media and their newsrooms
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Becoming message driven

Unit #2--Interview Techniques

  • On-camera interviews
  • Verbal and non-verbal communications
  • Conducting stand ups and scrums
  • Essentials of being interviewed
  • Your rights

Unit #3--Creative Energies

  • Body language
  • Dressing for television
  • Handling the butterflies
  • Managing telephone interviews
  • Briefings, essentials, roles and importance

Unit #4--Putting It All Together

  • Fact sheets
  • Media advisories and releases
  • Innovative ways to "work" your message
  • Building in accountability
  • Enrolling the media

Every participant will receive:

Participant Workbook

A manual of practical tips and techniques along with detailed information to help retain and use new media relations skills.


Up-to-date lists and handouts for immediate use.


A list of important and current media relations books and journals.


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Networking Opportunities

A fantastic chance to meet and learn from others.

Workshop Tools

Hands-on "take-aways" for immediate application.


Personalized "Certificate of Achievement".